Thursday, May 9, 2013

Arrests Made Over Brussels Airport Diamond Heist

Belgian prosecutors say that the arrests had recovered part of the haul of diamonds taken in the heist at Brussels Airport in February.
Brussels Airport diamond robbery
Coordinated police raids in Belgium, France and Switzerland have seen 31 people arrested in connection with a USD$50 million Brussels Airport diamond robbery.
In the robbery a gang cut through the airport's perimeter fence and broke in to the cargo hold of a Swiss plane waiting to take off.
The raid conducted by robbers who prosecutors described as "professionals" netted rough stones being transported from Antwerp to Zurich.
They had forced their way through the perimeter fence scooped up the 120 packages of diamonds before escaping the way they had arrived in an operation which prosecutors said took only minutes.
There were 24 suspects rounded up in the Brussels area on Wednesday with an additional arrest in France and six in Switzerland.
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