Friday, May 24, 2013

Top 10 Sexy Lakes For Motorboatin Over Memorial Day

Generally, Americans hit the way over Memorial Day as a substitute for booking flights for a weekend getaway. One explanation for why being the costs to fly over the occasion weekend are galactic. However the fundamental explanation for why is that the majority of America can at long last delight in warm enough temperatures to strip down and hit up the closest waterway. A large portion of America is inland, just a those lucky enough to no frills with in driving separation to the coast can delight in the profits the sea needs to offer. At the same time for every living soul else, there's a lake for that!

I might put it all out there and say that the greater part of Americans no nonsense with in driving separation of a lake or supply, if not a sea. In any case all lakes are not made equivalent, I know this direct as I acted like an adult in mid Indiana. We might drive out of our way, passing numerous lakes simply to get to the great ones. So to commence lake season we supposed it'd be enjoyable to uncover our record of the best lakes for engine boatin' in America.

Top Ten Best Lakes for Motorboatin' in America: Rank – Lake – Shoreline States – Percentage of votes

1. Lake Michigan (Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois)        -           23%

2. Lake Tahoe (Nevada, California)                                       -           17%

3. Lake Havasu (Arizona)                                                     -           14%

4. Chain of Lakes (Florida)                                                   -           11%

5. Lake Powell (Utah, Arizona)                                             -           9%

6. Lake Superior (Wisconsin)                                                -           8%

7. Lake Placid (New York)                                                   -           5%

8. Lake Lanier (Georgia)                                                       -           4%

9. Crater Lake (Washington)                                                 -           3%

10. Dale Hollow  (Tennessee)                                               -           2%

Have a safe, fun and wet holiday weekend!

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