Thursday, January 16, 2014

Calling card or local SIM? What’s the best way to stay connected when you travel abroad?

TS Writer Chhavi Doonga spoke to a few globetrotters. And here’s their view:
Subani Saxena – Journalist
Places visited recently: Macau, Bangkok and Dubai.
I admit that international calling cards are tempting, the kind of hassle free service they pretend to offer. But my experience with them has been horrible! I bought a Matrix card for of my journeys and it never worked. After making a few calls to the customer care I noticed that the card I had paid a bomb for, was not supposed to work on my phone at all and apparently I ought to have known this knowledge myself.
Debayan Chaudhary – Student
Places visited recently: Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Prepaid SIM Card

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