Friday, April 18, 2014

7 Travel Tips You Really Should Know

Travel Tips You Really Should Know while you’re traveling.
1. Is It Comfortable?:- -It’s important pack comfortable clothes & shoes. In the event you haven’t worn something, don’t pack it. If it’s not comfortable, don’t pack it. If it’s not comfortable, chances are you are not going to wear it or will be uncomfortable, which is not fun anytime, when you’re far from home. Wear it, break it in. Make sure it fits well. If it’s comfortable, pack it. If not, leave it at home.
2. Take Notes:- Bring a small, pocket size laptop with you. Write down directions, impressions, names of people you meet along the way, anything that you might need to keep in mind to get around or need to keep in mind when you get home. If you’re in a country where they speak another language or use another alphabet, have locals write what it is you are looking for or need to communicate for simple reference. 
3. Bring Small Gifts:- You never know who you’re going to meet when you travel. It’s a lovely suggestion to bring small, basically packable gifts with you to give out along the way. This is lovely if you’re travelling to another country. Small gestures of gifts from your home country or town are a great way to thank people for helping you (& chances are you will need assistance from a local at some point in your travels).
Travel Tips You Really Should Know
4. Bring Snacks & Water:- Always bring a bottle of water as well as a snack with you. Travelling is amazing but can be tiring as well. Staying hydrated & fueled will help a lot in reducing tiredness while you’re out exploring. Don’t assume it is possible for you to to select up something to drink or eat along the way, if you’re not familiar with the area.
5. Pack Light:-
Seriously, pack light. Pack only absolute necessities. Unless you’re going to be in the jungle, in the event you need something, you can buy it wherever you are. You are going to spend much more time carrying or dragging your luggage around than you think. Even two pounds will make a difference so think before you pack something if it is essential or wanted.
6. Photocopy Passport & Credit Cards:- Make a couple of photocopies of your passport & credit cards before travelling. Leave a replica with a mate or member of the relatives at home & take with you (hidden away, of work). This way, if your passport of credit cards are lost or stolen while travelling, you have the information you need to contact the issuers to get replacements & cancel the elderly ones. You can also take a photograph of any important documents & e mail them to you for a backup.
7. Backup Your Photographs:- Don’t risk loosing all those amazing photographs you took while travelling. Have a way to back them up (in at least other place) at the finish of each day. Memories are lovely but your friends, relatives, & followers need to see the places you’ve seen!
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