Saturday, July 19, 2014

Flickr Travelers – Earth and Water Images

Every week, Flickr Travelr takes you on a tour of India through the eyes of our Flickr photographers. This week’s theme is ‘Earth and water’

Bull Racing is a popular summer sport in rural West Bengal, taking place in the muddy waters of the paddy fields just before sowing begins in the monsoon. Locally it is known as ‘Moichhara’.
Photo: Tathagatha Sikdar

Head over heels
Photo: Hemant Rawat

Reflected glory
Photo: Karthi K N Raveendiran

The most impressive of all the boat races of Kerala is the Snake Boat Race, which is commonly referred to as Chundanvallams. The brilliant performance of the rowers portrays the inherent sporting zeal and sportsman spirit of the local inhabitants of the southern state of India Kerala.
Snake boat has got a length of 100 – 120 feet and usually more than a hundred people are on board. Both the ends of the boats are raised from water level. The rear end has a height of about twenty feet from the surface of water. Nearly eighty six persons are rowers, ten to fifteen are to give the rhythm, four are to steer the vessel. It will finish the 1.4 Km track in less then 5 minutes.
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