Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Gift Idea for Travellers

If you're looking for the ideal Christmas gift for somebody you know who loves to travel (like me), anything that can help them preserve their travel memories is a great option. Photograph albums and framed collages are fabulous, personal gifts, but what about something that helps to turn the pics in to a decoration for their home?

A fantastic photo decoration is the Photo Frame Clock from Paramount Zone. It’s available in two great options; either multicoloured in bright pink, yellow, 3red and blue – which looks really funky – or in silver, which I think looks really classy, especially with black and white images

I love my silver photograph frame clock, it's a great statement piece for my bare flat walls and I've collected twelve of my Favorited pics, to help remind me of past journeys. At 35.5x35.5x4.8cm it's a great, space-saving design which is the ideal size for my flat - where there's definitely not room for both a clock and all the framed pics I'd like to have on display!

All the frames are different shapes and sizes, so that together they generate the round shape of a clock, but this is great because it also means that you can have an fabulous variety of pics in the frames. This is a pretty, thoughtful Christmas gift idea for somebody, but it's great for travelers like me. You could fill it with pics from your trip and give it to a past travelling companion for a personalized present which will remind them of your trip together, or leave it empty for your travel-loving mate to fill with their own travel memories!

This photograph frame is of lots of great Christmas Gifts From ParamountZone, where you can search not by who it's for, but also what their persona is like. So you're bound to find something for everyone.
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