Saturday, December 21, 2013

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Decorating Addicts

Christmas shopping frenzy is in high-gear by now.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the list of people you need to buy special presents for, particularly if you are a woman and have to do all the purchasing – maybe a few of you married ladies know what I mean.  Not stereotyping here – that’s just how it is at my house!  I thought it might be helpful if I shared my top picks for the decorating addicts in your life.  Or maybe you will want to forward this post to your husband to give him ideas on what to get  for you!  
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And the best part?  No need to fight the crowds – all of these items are available online (just click on the links below the photos).

1.  White Faux Fur Blanket/Throw
This is a great gift for curling up with during the winter season.  I have seen so manyunattractive throw blankets draped across recliners and sofas in my clients’ homes – there’s just no reason you can’t stay warm with something beautiful like this: See More
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