Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Top 10 Best Winter Holiday Destinations in India

Winters are actually of the best times to come to India to enjoy your holiday. Imagine yourself with a nice book in front of a hearth or sipping a hot cup of coffee in bed watching the great view from the window. Gives you the feeling of a dream sequel, right? Winters are also the time of festivities in India & hence a nice time for holiday in the country.

India is a land of diverse climate & winters experiences the maximum bliss. The country is filled with travel destinations for tourists. They have come up with a list of the ten best holiday destinations for winters in India. Come, enjoy the season:

1. Rajasthan

The land of Sand, Rajasthan is known for its extreme climate. However, winters are favorable compared to the scorching heat in the coursework of summers. Visit Jodhpur & Jaisalmer this fall for a magical experience as it serves the best honeymoon destinations in India. The royal forts & palaces added with traditional folk dances doubles the charm of the place.

2. Goa

Goa remains filled with live all all year long. The place is regarded as the final winter holiday location in India. The place is a threshold of night parties in the coursework of Christmas & New Year. The only hold back is the overpriced hotels & restaurants in the coursework of this peak season. However, in case you are planning on enjoying your holiday in Goa, book yourself well in advance.

3. Auli, Uttarakhand

Auli is the most ideal location to celebrate a skiing holiday. Auli is a valley in Uttarakhand with a quantity of the most mesmerizing skiing slopes. The snow valley has been able to catch up to the famous skiing destinations like Manali & Shimla in India.

4. Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is a group of 39 little islands. The temperature remains moderate all all year long. This place is most visited for its attractive marine life. The island is a ideal tourist holiday location to bask in the winter sun.

5. Kerala

In the event you are of the type who loves to infuse chilling temperatures to the nerves, Kerala will be the most famous winter holiday destinations in India.

The tranquil beaches, stay in a treehouses, backwater tours etc are the charm of this place. Kerala experiences a moderate climatic condition and hence ideal for hang around.

6. Nainital

Nainital is a small hill station located in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is at a height of two,000 meters above sea level. The temperature remains favorable all year long. The peak season to visit Nainital is in the work of winters when the hill station is covered in snow.

7. Shimla

Shimla is ideal for a comfortable romantic holiday to enjoy together with your loved ones amidst snow. Shimla is a classic winter holiday location in India with the colonial characters and snow covered peaks. It is of the hottest honeymoon destinations for couples in the work of winter. Drop by Shimla to experience a skiing adventure this fall.

8. Delhi

Even if Delhi has the reputation of being the mayhem capital of India, the city is known for its breath taking sight in the work of winters. The mist covered mornings is complimented by the different festivals celebrated in the work of winters in the Union Territory. And the famous street food acts as the cherry toppings. Delhi is without a doubt of the famous tourist attraction spots in India.

9. Andaman

Andaman is ideal in the event you require to spend some calm time together with your loved ones. The island remains comparatively warm in the work of winters. Hence ideal to enjoy the exotic marine life. And yes! Try snorkeling with an elephant in Havelock Island . You will have the best time of your life.

10. Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is in the Nainital district of India. Famous for the huge variety of wildlife and population of tigers, winters are the best time of the year to visit this park. The mornings are foggy and ideal to spot wildlife in their natural bliss.
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